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What is “Embracing Wholiness?”

In our society we are constantly confronted with messages that encourage us to compare ourselves to impossible “ideals,” focus on our flaws, and obsessively strive to fix them in pursuit of perfection. Teens and young adults, who are at a critical stage of identity formation, internalize these messages, affecting their own self image. At a time of life where body image issues, insecurity, bullying, and lack of self-esteem are becoming increasingly prevalent, programs are needed that help teens to receive and internalize healthier messages that help them to see and appreciate themselves as whole, complete people.

Embracing Wholiness is based on Jewish concepts related to wholeness (shleimut) and to the idea that we are each created in God’s image and thus holy (kadosh) reflections of godliness in the world.  It deals with embracing the idea that within our wholeness we are holy—“Wholiness.”

Additionally, it is a statement about the power of community, an exploration of how our interactions and relationships in our own communities impact one’s sense of self, and the power of the individual to impact the community. Participants of Embracing Wholiness are empowered to build a community together that reflects and encourages wholiness.




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